Why Water Treatment Is So Important?

Nowadays, quality has become a significant factor for the clients when deciding for the product and brand. Implementing the same concept, we provide best and efficient range of water treatment systems that are capable of filtering out all dissolved impurities, like dust, rust, metal, bacteria, etc., from the water and make it pure for drinking purpose. It is well-know to us that, natural water resources like rivers and lakes provide water with a lot of dissolved contents that can adversely affect human health. In urban areas, scarcity of water is the serious issue and it is contaminated with harmful impurities. Our first concern is to make water fit for daily uses in order to build the health of clients. Following are some benefits of water treatment:

  • Enhances purity level and brings natural taste of water
  • Makes it clean & safe to drink
  • It aids in minimizing chances of fatal diseases
  • Reduces water pollution

What is Reverse Osmosis?

As we use cutting-edge technology in order to manufacture water filtration equipment, these are having high capability to remove a large number of contaminants by passing water under high pressure through impeccably working semi-permeable membrane. This reverse osmosis method is mainly responsible for providing hygienically cleaned water that plays an important role in human health development. Its osmosis process also provides refreshing taste with the touch of minerals.

How Does an RO Plant Works?

Reverse osmosis is nowadays the most preferably utilized method for the filtration of water, and companies utilize it to a great extent in manufacturing of water treatment systems. In this process, water with high pressure passes through fine membranes which allow passage of only water molecules from it. The plant consists of two phases:

  • Pre-treatment:  In Pre-treatment mechanism, solid and suspended particles are removed through filtration & coagulation. Chlorination method removes biological organisms and added chemicals control pH level.
  • Membrane Filtration: Membrane filtration phase enhances the 60% yield of RO system.

Procedure We Use For Installation

We have got expertise in designing and manufacturing commercial RO plant as per varying needs of clients. We first visit the site of clients, understand the exact situation & suggest the best commercial design, capacity as well as category for reverse osmosis plant. We train our employees in order to make them aware about exact functionality of reverse osmosis systems.

Also, we utilize high grade material & quality assured spare parts, so that finally manufactured product should exhibit seamless performance without any sort of operational errors. Also, we provide proficient installation & repair services for RO water purifiers in India.

Domain Expertise & Objective

At Divinetech, one can get Commercial RO system with different Liter Per Hour (LPH) capacities, ranging from 250 LPH to 10,000 LPH. We are proud to offer our clients with reliable service experience, guaranteed accuracy and highest level of satisfaction. Also, AMC can be enjoyed for both, new and old domestic RO Plant, STP and Softener after inspection.

Making availability of safe, purified, clean & healthy water to various commercial entities is our main goal concern. For this, we employ the most advanced purification technology i.e. RO+UV+UF+TDS control for filtration of dissolved impurities. 

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